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Bullet Great! Nolan blames me for his intro to rock n roll!
~ Ronny Basconi, Bluefield, WV, March 25, 2010

Bullet I would like to thank Nolan Evans for turning me on to PegaFest.  This past year was my first PegaFest but I hope not my last.  I can't remember when I had as much fun.  The music was great and I will always  remember all the friends I made that made me feel welcome.  Keep on rockin!
~ Debbie Davis, Waverly, OH, October 30, 2009

Bullet I remembered in "73-75" hanging out at the "Cheap Motel" with Phil and Murph, and Pegasus would be practicing. Also going to clubs such as The Joker & The Tap Room.  The Tap Room in Iroton, OH, was a wild place on the night's when it was a dollar cover charge and all the draft beer you could drink. It was me that was screaming the loudest to play "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers."

Murph and I stopped in to visit Rick Mulholland "9-2009" and had a nice visit.
I know Phil is watching us from Heaven, his live was cut so short, and now Jay Darby has left us, too. I really miss them.
~ Larry Crawford, Stanley, NC, October 29, 2009

Bullet I went through Jr. High and High School with Fred and Alan.  Remember Mr Keadle our band director?  what an inspiration he was.  Remember the pep rally in our senior year?  I am going to try and attend the next PegaFest this year.  What memories...(we painted a car Fred had with paint brushes...)
~ Jim Carbaugh, Grand Rapids, MI, March 22, 2009

Bullet I just stumbled onto the Pegasus Rocks site … what a trip down memory lane.  Talk about nostalgia overload!  I left Huntington in 1986, but several of the faces in the pictures I haven’t seen since the 70’s.  I had no idea Pegasus still survives.  I have very fond memories of my years at Marshall in the late 60’s and early 70’s, hanging out at the Pegasus house.  But, seriously,  guys (especially Fred and PNE), you look like you got old!  What happened?  Obviously, I haven’t aged at all! I am now in the St. Louis area, but I would love to attend the next PegaFest as a “friend of Pegasus”.  How can I find out about the next event? Please tell everyone I send my regards.
~ Murrel French, St. Louis, MO, January 4, 2009

Bullet I went to high school and Marshall University with Alan and Fred and tried to sing with them some before Pegasus, but I was too unreliable. We never played anywhere just practiced. In 1969, we were at Ritter Park passing around a tennis ball by the big arch and Alan bet us he could throw the ball to the top and make it stick in a stone eagle's mouth. He threw it and "THUNK"; much to all our amazement it stuck there. Fast-forward to just yesterday. I was coming back from Chicago and met some people who were from Huntington. When I told them about Alan and the tennis ball they said, "Well mister, that ball is still stuck up there! It's a big deal to drive by and see if it's still there in the eagle's mouth!" I miss you guys! Haven't seen you in at least 36 years, but I think of you often. You're the best!
~ Jon Light, Huntingburg, IN, November 10, 2008

Bullet Great news - now there is room for the Go-Go Dancers that we have long wanted and needed.
~ Alan Burge (the Stallion), Frostbite Falls, MN, November 2, 2008

Bullet Just wanted to let you guys know that the Pegafest stage (concrete slab) has been widened by 13 feet.  Room for cartwheels.  We need more bass equipment to fill the void.
~ Wally Wilkes, Milton, WV, October 30, 2008

Bullet Wow! How cool is this! I was first introduced to the world of Pegasus around 12 or 13? Of course through hangin' out at the music department at Mack and Dave's. My buddy Kevin and I used to somehow get into the Riverside and later under aged to the Joker. Fond memories and the beginning of my career as an addict and alcoholic! I hung a little at the Sixth Avenue version of the cheap motel but spent many nights passed out at the Third Avenue rendition. Nolan and Fred showed me my first "Head Shop" and I learned a lot of other cool stuff in my young and impressionable days. As I continued bangin' around with garage bands, Pegasus was always our benchmark and sadly no matter how much acclaim we received, somehow we never hit the mark. You guys were awesome and it's great to see that you still get together to jam. Thanks for the kind words about Mike Aluise, he was a great guy and a dedicated artist. Lastly, I would like to say a kind word about Phil. He was the best, an awesome human being.  Murph might remember the great stereo system escapade where a heist from the cheap motel was staged and I stashed the goods for several months until the coast was clear and Phil had collected the insurance check. I hope the statute of limitation has run out. Good Times. Good times.
~ Joel Patton, Atlanta, GA, September 13, 2008

Bullet A lot of memories from a long time ago, maybe surprisingly more good memories than bad (like my big brother and Murph hiding from Fred in our home to get out of work one Friday night, having me keep watch and tell them whenever the green van drove by the house). Greetings and much love to all of the members, friends, and supporters of Pegasus. Even though I was too young (and protected) to ever see you guys in play in person, you were certainly legendary in our home.
~ Chris Peslis, Washington, DC, August 4, 2008

Bullet I was blessed over 40 years ago when Mike Torlone introduced me to my to be hubby. Dan and I have been married 36 years now. We attended many a gig back in the day. We used to dance and dance. Now days the only thing that will get him to the dance floor is when he hears "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" by Blood, Sweat & Tears. It has always been our favorite song, and Wally sings it so well. Thanks Wally and Antonia for allowing us to come to your home and be apart of the Pegafest family.
~ Cindy Del Checcolo, Huntington, WV, July 13, 2008

Bullet Old rock musicians never die they just slowly de-compose. Best Regards,
~ Joseph Wagoner, Friend of Mike Torlone, July 11, 2008

Bullet Just got the link to this site from Mike Torlone.  I will spend the next few hours, perhaps days, digesting it all.  Hello to all from the great Republic of Texas.
~ Daniel (Danny) Martin, Friendswood, TX, June 18, 2008

Bullet I was so excited when Fred told me about this site.  It's been so much fun going thru the old pictures and song lists.  You guys "rocked it out" then and I'm sure you can "rock it out" now.
~ Debbie Lacy (Fred's Sister), Chesapeake, VA, May 11, 2008

Bullet Great Site..Brings back memories that uh..what was I talking about...oh yeah..brings back the 70's from what I can remember...Long Live Yellow Rose Express & Willow Run...two more good bands...Mike Goodall where are you! Best...
~ Chip Wittpenn, Carmel Valley, CA, May 10, 2008

Bullet Big Daddy himself Mike Summerfield sent me the link to your site. I grew up in Huntington and certainly remember hearing about Pegasus. I was too young to attend the shows but, as I got older and started playing in the clubs, I got to meet and jam with some of the Pegasus players such as Mike S., Rick M., and Cap. You always remember the key bands from your hometown and Pegasus was one of them. I'm playing drums with Big Daddy himself in June, in Seattle, so I'll make sure we raise a glass to ya. Take care, and most of all keep playing music!
~ Jonny - All World Kitty, CA, May 10, 2008

Bullet This area has consistantly had great bands!  Pegasus, the Logan Brothers, the Fugitives and the Explosive Dynamics to name a few.  I have a lot of thanks to offer since I played in Foxwagon, Goin' Strong and a few other bands for about 30 plus years.  These guys had the same fire and talent as the "big timers."  Just not as lucky.  Here's wishing Pegasus many more years of rocking!!!
~ Guy Adkins, Chesapeake, OH, January 15, 2008

Bullet Great site guys. Especially of Murph....  Mrs. Murph
~ S. Murphy, Huntington, WV, January 6, 2008

Bullet “Operation Pegasus.”  That b-movie was the basis for naming a band of five veteran rock and rollers from distant parts of West Virginia.  Through evolution or divine intervention, we came together to make music, make family and make lasting memories.  We were forced to drop “Operation” from our name to avoid a huge lawsuit with Warner Brothers Pictures, and simply became “Pegasus.”  It then took about five years to get promoters to stop calling us “The Pegasus” or “The Pegasus Band” but most of Cabell County now knows that we are just “Pegasus.”  Pegasus broke the name-ground for many subsequent bands such as “Cream,” “King Crimson” and “Fleetwood Mac.”  Because of our trail blazing efforts and our tenacity, those bands never did suffer the indignity of being called “The Cream,” or “The King Crimson,” or “The Fleetwood Mac.”  Trust me, the members of those and many other international hit groups are constantly expressing their appreciation for our leadership in this space, as well as adulation for the many creative nuances we invented during our live performances.  In the many years that have passed since May 1969 the band took on new members and developed new song lists, and the paying public never did suspect a thing.  They only marveled at how young Pegasus always looked in spite of the passing years, this due to Fred’s recruiting of younger and younger musicians to replace the aging Soylent Green.  Some have suggested witch craft, others have mentioned weird science.  Still others are thinking “miracles.”  The truth is:  the music keeps you young at heart, no matter how infirm your body and mind.  Just ask Methuselah, who well remembers hearing our greatest hits from her cradle.  If you want to see a bunch of guys and their loyal friends who love rock and roll and unabashedly love each other, just attend the next PegaFest.  Nothing but pure sweet music, dished out by a bunch of guys who loved the music then, and love it no less now.  The common thread is “Pegasus” but the sheer magic is so much harder to explain.
~ Uncle Nolan, Fort Worth, TX, December 7, 2007

Bullet Hi, I'm Steve Payne.  I played lead guitar for Pegasus during the era commonly known as "When Pegasus Didn't Suck".  I took the guitar to a whole different place.  Alan Burge was all about playing "well" with "talent".  My vision was to play poorly with no talent and often to be playing a different song than the rest of the band.  Can you say "genius"?  Along with my wife, Melanie, and my dog, Maggie Mae, I took the band into a Fleetwood Mac vibe.  People would watch us and ask, "Do you think the lead guitar player is having sex with the singer?" or "Do you think the lead guitar player is having sex with the dog?"  After all these years, I can finally reveal that the answer was yes.  I left Pegasus to pursue a career in what I saw as the next big thing: disco.  I was the lead singer for the Bee Gees until I couldn't stand the clamp on my testicles any longer.  After that, I descended into drug addiction and alcoholism until, one night I ingested cocaine, LSD, heroin, whiskey, rum, and what was either Ward's chili or dog poop.  I was rushed to a hospital where I was pronounced dead, fortunately by one of those doctors with a degree from a Philippine med school.  Actually, I was fine.  I live on today, still waiting for my royalty checks from Pegasus...
~ Steven Payne, Winfield, WV, November 29, 2007

Bullet Being a part of Pegasus is easily the crowning point of my life. If I had carefully hand-picked friends from the world's population, I could have done no better than the ones in this band. I have shared so many great times with these guys and cherish every minute of it all. Every member has brought something unique and great to the experience musically and on a personal level.
~ Mike Torlone, Nashville, TN, November 23, 2007

Bullet Wally said it very well - we cared about the music as much as we did about each other, and that's about a perfect combination. I think we all owe a big thanks to Karen Fields for her idea that resulted in Pegafest, and especially to Wally and Antonia for letting us keep the dream alive at their home every year.  Without their hospitality it would never have happened, and continues to happen. You three have made a lot of people happy and that's what life is all about. Also many thanks to the musicians and friends who make the effort to attend each year - some of you coming from a long distance away, but it wouldn't be Pegafest without you. See you at the Frost Top next summer, since Ward’s is closed - gone, but the orange-thumbed waitresses are not forgotten.
~ Alan Burge (the Stallion), Clayton, OH, November 21, 2007

Bullet Pegasus wasn't just a bunch of musicians playing music but a fraternity of friends.  That string ran true for several years and several players.  All share in a common thread, our love for the band and our love for each other.  The last group of guys to call themselves Pegasus was a great sounding band, as was all the different versions between; all made me proud to be their brother.  I'm looking forward to seeing input from all the guys that wore that winged peace symbol on their chest and everyone around here knew what it was for.  Kudos to you Connie.
~ Wally Wilkes, Milton, WV, November 21, 2007

(Comments from the now defunct blog)

11/5/2007 Uncle Nolan wrote:
The webmaster is looking for scanned photos and documents - 300 dpi is best. I have the songlists that Alan provided and will scan and submit for publication. There are some pictures that will go up soon, and I will write captions for them, subject to history and memory check from the rest of the band. I'm not as young as I used to be. And neither is my memory.

10/13/2007 Rodger wrote:
A funny memory that I have (it seems so silly now) was the band playing at a high school prom. We all liked to drink beer when we rocked out, so to smuggle the brew into the high school, we put a label on the side of the cooler - "Microphone Case". I guess we thought we fooled the authorities, but in any case we did not get busted! Those were certainly more innocent times in a lot of ways.

10/11/2007 Rodger wrote:
I hope some of the players who have played in the band will take the time to jot some of their favorite memories here. I will be back later to do some of that. Thanks, Connie, for getting this site under construction!

10/5/2007 Uncle Nolan wrote:
All I can say is, anything that lasts as long as Pegasus has must be worth keeping.

10/5/2007 Connie Lee posted:

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