MikeTorlone's Pegasus Gear:


Traynor 50 watt amp with 2X12 cab
Acoustic amp with 4X12 cab
Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe
Mosrite solid body
Gibson SG Standard
Yamaha FG180
Gibson SG Custom
Hammond M3 organ
Leslie 145s (2 of them)


Hammond M-3 ~ Home-style easy-to-use spinet version of the tonewheel Hammond. It was smaller, lighter and cheaper to purchase while still attaining tone. Manuals: Two 44-key offset manuals. 12 pedals. Controls: 9 drawbars upper manual, 8 drawbars lower manual, 1 pedal drawbars. Other controls on rocker switches. Percussion had four: select (on/off), volume (soft/normal), harmonic (3rd/2nd), decay (slow/fast). Vibrato had four: upper (on/off), lower (on/off), select (chorus/vibrato), vibrato depth. Features: Internal amplifier and speaker (11 Watts, 1x12"), mechanical tone generator and vibrato scanner, no harmonic foldback, a drawbars-only organ with no presents of any kind. It had a pedal sustain feature, with toe-switch mounted on the expression pedal. 6-pin Leslie speaker connector. Dimensions: 45-5/8" wide; 25-3/8" deep; 42" high, and weighed 249 lbs. Production Years: 1955 to 1964. Selling Price (1970): $1,350 - Walnut ; and $1,440 - Oak, Ebony, Blond, Modern Walnut and Provincial. The Hammond M-3 is still one of the most popular organs today - if you can find one!

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