St. Albans Town Fair ~ 1971

'One Band, One Night Rock Festival'

Pegasus' 1st Place Trophy ~ Battle of the Bands Competition at the St. Albans Town Fair ~ July 1969
Club gig photo used for promotion of this event ~ Pictured from left to right is...
Mike Torlone, Charlie Biern, Fred Lacy, John Blaine, Nolan Evans, Alan Burge






PEGASUS, popular rock group from Huntington, W. Va., will appear in a concert which some have referred to as a 'One Band, One Night Rock Festival.'  The talented group will perform for 3 hours immediately following the crowning of Miss Town Fair at 8:00 P.M. in the West Bleachers of Crawford Field.  Admission 50¢ for everyone.  All those who are young or young at heart are invited to attend.  Included in the Group are two St. Albans young men, Fred Lacy and Alan Burge.

One Band, One Night Rock Festival


Rock Group Pegasus Invited for Concert

By Martha Smith
Staff Writer

A rock concert in St. Albans?  Yes!

A performance by the rock group “Pegasus” has been scheduled among activities for that community’s annual Town Fair.  The concert by a single group will be a departure from past fair policy.

“In the past we have had a ‘battle of the bands,’” said Eli Rouse, assistant chairman of the fair committee.  “It became such a hassle getting it organized that we elected to go with some professional entertainers in the hope of getting better quality.”

Pegasus is a group which plays in local nightclubs and in surrounding counties.  According to Rouse, the group showed up unexpectedly at last year’s fair and played for a two-hour performance which “saved the necks” of the fair planners.

“A minimum number of bands had turned up, and it looked as if we wouldn’t even have entertainment one night,” Rouse said.  “Then Pegasus came in with their equipment and played for two hours.  It saved our necks.  That’s one reason we decided to have them back this year.”

* * *

THE CONCERT will begin at 8:30 p.m. July 16 on the St. Albans football field, adjacent to the fair grounds.  Rouse termed the yearly appearance of rock groups a very popular part of the fair.

July 12-14 a talent show will be held each night followed by fireworks displays.  July 15 members of the St. Albans Little Theater group will present a melodrama, “The Drunkard.”  The rock concert will be held Friday and the Town Fair auction will be Saturday’s chief event.

According to Rouse, the auction is a large affair with merchandise being donated by local businessmen and individuals.  About 80 per cent of the items are new, he said, and the remainder is used material.  Proceeds from the auction and admission to other events go to the St. Albans public library building fund.

“The second floor is almost completed on the library,” Rouse said.  “The Town Fair has earned all the city’s share of the matching funds which combine with federal money to build the library.”

Rouse added that the fair is for all age groups.  To offset the youth-oriented rock concert, an art and craft exhibit featuring artists from the Mountain State Art and Craft Fair is scheduled.  Some of the exhibitors will demonstrate their craft creation on the premises.

Rock Group Pegasus Invited for Concert

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