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"I'll be back as soon as I return!" ~ Ramone Obone

From - very large and angry studio producer
To - Randall Wray , superb guitarist from Charleston  
Quote - after several bad takes on a song ~ "If y'all can't wha-chicka-chicka on the beat, then don't wha-chicka-chicka at all ." ~ Alan Burge


Here are a few choice quotes to get the ball rolling...

Nolan Evans... "You can't wear it out"... "The worst I ever had was magnificent"... "You can never have too much bass".... "That don't plug it up"

Tom Murphy... "Darb, let us flee"... "Yo" (shouted out the window of the Cheap Motel at the garbage men - if you don't know this story, please check with Alan, as it's probably the single funniest thing I ever saw)... "Wart" (to Mike Aluise)... and, from Murph's mom regarding his not paying for records from a record club, "Don't send anymore letters because he's not paying. He's disturbed."

Brownie Murphy... "This wild nightlife is killing me"

Fred Lacy... "Be still, darling" (ask Wally for details)

Charlie "Owlman" Wills... "Hoot"

Bruce Holbrook (to a cop eyeballing us while loading equipment) "What's happening, Jack?"... "Your breath smells like jeepsmoke"... "Charlie, do a hundred" (on the road to Welch in Torlone's Pontiac wagon, known as the Love Boat)

Mike Torlone... "This place is just a Cheap Motel (hence the name)... "That's what she said"

Wally Wilkes... "Wake up - the whole goddam house is flooding" (at 4AM when the frozen pipes burst)... "Jumpin' Jack Flash, kiss my ass"

Mike Wells... "Can I borrow five dollars for a few days?"

That should be a good start and jog some memory banks......Alan Burge


Bruce Holbrook--"While I was there I kissed ol' Castro too."  The punch line from his most enduring joke.  This led to everyone in the group using the word "Castro" in almost every reference to someone of the opposite sex.  It was a landmark line.
I don't know if this qualifies, being removed from an actual in-group quote; but, Cantrell Miller (trombonist and friend of the St. Albans and MU music department members of Pegasus)--"My wife can't wrestle but you should see her box," about his wife Sue. ┬áThis was the only joke he knew even though he was riotously entertaining every time he spoke.  Alan quoted this line over and over, and many more times than Cantrell ever said it.

Charlie "Owlman" Wills


Here's one I do remember, a punch line from one of my favorite jokes that I told more than once: "Gee, buddy, is that a hump on your back?  Everything else around here is so high, I thought it was your ass."... Nolan Evans


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