PegaFest Pix 2008 cont...
Family & Friends


Wally and Antonia Wilkes's humble abode – there’s no place like home.



Tandy Fierbaugh, our chef extraordinaire!



Getting into the swing of things, Antonia, Sharlee, and Tandy.



Poolside at the Pegafest complex - so much water, so few swimmers.



Woodstock or woodtick?
The crowd arrives five hours early to get the good seats.



The sign says, “No Parking,” and yet – someone is parking!



The Four Derelicts – competition for The Three Tenors?
The Marx Brothers - Zippo, Chucko, Robo, and Murpho?
Or, is it Fred and Charlie looking on as Steve shields the
women of Pegafest from a fate worse than death?



The fans, and the mosquitoes, can barely wait
until dusk for the "fest" to begin!



A sub-party on the veranda by invitation only.



Sharlee, Charlie B., Connie Lee, Uncle Nolan, and
the mystery man who resembles Roger Patton, but isn't.
Actually, that is Butch Day, grew up in Logan with Wally.
Antonia’s kitchen will never be the same.



Wilkes, Wilkes and Wilkes, a new Huntington Law firm?
Marilyn, Mary, and Carilyn, Wally’s sisters and mom.



They are smiling now; what will they be doing twelve hours from now?
Will the porcelain be their best friend forever?
Barbara Salmons, Kim Beckett, Renee Kessinger, Tandy Fierbaugh
and Antonia Wilkes.  Members of the “White Trash Whores.”



Sharlee protects the video camera with her life;
someday she will sell the tapes for a tidy fortune.



Alan and Sharlee Burge witness to the humidity.
How does she look that good after 36 years of wedded bliss?



Alan and his sister Sandy Brooks.



The Mike Torlone Clan - out in force!
Karen Pauley; Kathy Torlone (Mike's sisters),
Theresa Torlone (Mike's mom), and Mike.



Mike and his dad Louie.



Tim Pauley; Kathy Torlone; Robert Torlone; Theresa Torlone;
Karen Pauley; Louie Torlone; Mary Lynn Bryson, and Mike.



Pegasus was too cheap to get the webmaster a real gift,
but they found two t-shirts in a dumpster and had them
washed and pressed in time for an awards ceremony.



The band presenting Connie Lee with our second token of
appreciation, the other t-shirt, for the wonderful work on
our website. Connie Lee - you rock!!!



Jim Fields, Pedro Jarrett, and Joe Clatworthy try to shoo away
the mosquitoes who have called for reinforcements at this point.



Pedro Jarrett practicing his maestro moves for the next symphony
orchestra presentation; looks oddly familiar to all of the children of the ‘60s.
Or, Pedro simply ordering four beers - to share , of course?



The Three Tenors!
Really, it's j ust Sammy, Rick and Murph
enjoying a break from the pressure of performance.
Each one a piece of work in their own right - for sure.



The Founder of Pegafest Karen Fields and something
else she found - Steve Payne - wordsmith extraodinaire.
Karen and Robo-Steve look like they're planning their
next victim’s demise - don't you think?



Jim being measured for an Italian silk suit; no – wait, that is
just the top of his chair back looking like a tape measure. 
Someone hiding from the camera, and the FBI? Ruby Turner?



Sammy spelling Fred.
Sammy Mendez,  grew up with Wally in Logan, drummer for the Logan Brothers.



Pedro spelling Sammy.
Charles “Pedro” Jarrett.  Drummer for the MoJos and Mofitts.



Joe teaches Robert Plant a thing or two or three about
vocal delivery, phrasing and stage presence.
Joe Clatworthy dealing on "Whole Lotta Love."



Zach Wilkes, son of lead singer Wally, warms up his all-graphite
Modulus 5-string; the crowd is in for a sonic treat.



The Three Amoebas, er Amigos!


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