Roadies and Friends:

Artie Bell - Pegasus roadie, and once sat in for Nolan on bass

Sharlee Carman Burge - Operated the lights on several gigs, Sharlee went to most of them after she and Alan started dating, in March 1970

Joe Cremeans - An honorary member of Pegasus ~  Joe never played a paying job back in the day, but he was a faithful fan (and much younger than the rest of Pegasus) and basically learned to play guitar extraordinaire because as a very young kid Alan was his hero

Jay Darby - Pegasus roadie

Dan Ferguson - Pegasus roadie

Karen Meeks Fields – Friend of Pegasus ~ PegaFest was her brain child

Dr. Bruce Holbrook - Pegasus roadie, and also played trumpet

Sammy Mendez
- Friend of Pegasus ~ Plays drums on occassion at PegaFest ~ Having played in many bands through the years, Sammy's band was Logan Brothers back in the day

Tom Murphy – Pegasus roadie

Phil Peslis – Pegasus roadie

Mike Wells - Pegasus roadie, and once sat in for Nolan on bass

Zach Wilkes - Friend of Pegasus ~ Plays bass on occassion at PegaFest ~ After having served in the Navy, he is currently playing in the Trunk Monkey band with his dad, Wally, who says Zach is a monster bass player

Owlman, a.k.a. Charlie Wills - Pegasus roadie for three years, played the French horn part on the "Overture" from "Tommy" by The Who with his baritone horn, and trombone on "Try A Little Tenderness" and a couple of other songs

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