Rodger Waite's Pegasus Gear:


Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax, the holy grail I wish I still had.









Gemeinhardt Flute










This is what my EchoPlex looked like. It was a tape delay that the roadies loved, because they would become part of the music when we would create a UFO effect at the end of Star Glow Energy.







Here's something kind of cool. When we lost Torlone and went 4 piece, I used this device on my tenor sax. It allowed me to honk out some wild sounds. It was kind of like an ocative device and an early wind synthesizer. It was called the Maestro Woodwind Multi-effects Box (I think).



In trying to fill out our sound as a 4 pc., we purchased this "string machine". It had a good orchestral sound that I really liked to use. It was made by Elka.






Tambourine ~ "I bruised my hands whenever we played. Rock is painful, but you don't feel it at the time."







Towards the end of the group, Dave would sometimes bring his Gibson 335 for me to play, although I was a novice on guitar in those days.










Cowbell ~ More Cowbell!





Not sure to what extent the PA was owned by the group during this time period, although there was some of that.


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