Top 3 Favorite Pegasus Gigs

Alan Burge ~ See Top 3 Most Memorable Pegasus Gigs

Wally Wilkes ~

1. Opening for “Brooklyn Bridge” at MU homecoming.
2. The "Big Dime" show at the Keith Albee Threater with Charlie and John also singing.
3. The next Pegafest.

Rodger Waite ~

1. Frankfort KY - we went over huge and went to a party afterward in a really nice house where all the girls were gorgeous.
2. The Ritter Park concert for JB Green (of which you have posted the photo on the site) - the vibe was special and there was a huge crowd outdoors on a beautiful day.
3. Almost any night in the Joker in Huntington - bodies packed shoulder to shoulder and the beer was cheap.  Fun was had by all!

Nolan Evans ~

1. Riverside (times how many times did we play there)
2. Battle of the Bands in St. Albans (we kicked ass)
3. Keith-Albee Theatre (we brought the house down)

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