Top 3 Most Memorable Pegasus Gigs

Alan Burge ~ I think my most memorable and favorite list will be pretty much the same.
1. The Epoch Trip To Welch in the Blizzard. A brief summary - we spent over 12 hours traveling from Huntington to Welch to play at the Armory for New Year's Eve through a blinding 17-inch blizzard that involved us in several wrecks and near-disasters, arriving for the 8PM gig at midnight with half the band and only our PA system, a Hammond organ, and two tom-toms, with which we played the first set until the rest of the band and gear arrived an hour later.
2. Being the opening act for the Brooklyn Bridge at Marshall's Homecoming.
3. The Swinging Seventies Club in Charleston - mainly because we were really "on" that night, but there were some guys from another band who had heard talk that we did a good job on Led Zeppelin songs. They came right to the front and sat down to watch - we did the Immigrant Song and then went right into Out On The Tiles, a song that featured Nolan and I playing a fairly difficult riff very rapidly and we just plain nailed it - they all nodded their heads as if to say "Yep - they can play" and left the club. A pretty good feeling.
4. I'd have to include winning the first Battle Of The Bands we entered, only a few weeks after we had formed the band, which led to a series of bookings at the Hullaballo Club in Barboursville.
5. We played a Halloween gig for a sorority that featured a "Yard Party," at Camp Mad Anthony Wayne, where each girl was given a yard of material to make her costume and a tie for her date, and the date with the longest tie was the winner.
6. Playing the "Big Dime" show at the Keith-Albee Theatre, our last gig with Wally and first with John Blaine and Charlie Biern. We started with the Overture From Tommy with Charlie ( Owlman ) Wills playing the baritone, and finished with Celebrate with Wally , John , and Charlie each singing a verse and all of us singing at the end a capella. Everyone said we really sounded great that night and it was so cool to be on the stage at the Keith-Albee.

Wally Wilkes~

1. New Year's Eve at the Welch armory.  Has to be number one.
2. Marlinton prom.  Nolan and I had serious car trouble and had to get a ride from Lewisburg to the gig.  We got there and Bruce was singing lead and playing trumpet..
3. Ronceverte top of the stairs.  My back still hurts.

Charlie Wills ~

WELCH is the only possible answer.

Rodger Waite ~

1. The Flamingo  (I think it was Gallipois, Ohio) - one guy on the dance floor put his drink on the floor and was dancing around it.  When I mocked him from the stage (he was shouting at us in drunken gibberish), he started to come at me.  I grabbed the mic. stand and was going to knock his head off, but the management intercepted him.
2. Williamson, W.V. - The bar that the sheriff owned.  Maynard got drunk and made a mess in the restaurant (1st floor under the club) after the gig one night.  I was the first one there for breakfast the next morning, and the sheriff met me with his gun drawn, and said, "You boys ain't as tough as you think you are."
3. A Class reunion - they hated us because we didn't do 50s music.  They let us go early, and some of the people at the party sat at a piano and entertained the party with the oldies that they wanted.  When we went outside, someone had sketched the word "Pig asses" in the dirt on Fred's van.  I was sick, drinking cough medicine, and could barely croak out a note.

Nolan Evans ~

1. The New Year's Eve Welch Trip
2. The New Year's Eve Welch Trip
3. The Roncevert trip where Alan tried to keep me awake on the drive back in an H&S Rent-all truck.  I was seeing cows and saw mill blades on the side of the road, and Alan was clanging empty soda cans together to keep me from nodding off.  I had been awake for 52 hours straight, due to some serious meandering the night and day before with a young lady named Jo-Jo Simmons.  I’ll never forget Jo-Jo.  She was such a sweet and thoughtful girl.
4. The New Year's Eve Welch Trip (Yes, I know that is four, but you can’t appreciate what a trip that was unless you were there with us; it cannot be retold in such as way that anyone would understand it was really a life and death situation over and over and over, not to mention the carbon monoxide poisoning I endured because the rut of ice in the middle of the road pulled both glaspaks off my 66 Mustang HiPo fastback somewhere between Williamson and Welch.)

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